School Overview

Home of the Eagles

The St. Vrain Valley School District, Colorado’s seventh-largest, spans 411 square miles and serves over 33,000 students in Weld and Boulder counties. Within this district lies New Meridian High School, a small alternative high school.

New Meridian offers a St.Vrain Valley Schools high school diploma with the same rigorous graduation requirements in a small, community-oriented environment. Students share a campus with the district Career and Technical Education Center, where they can access robust programming from one of the eight program pathways and/or other meaningful college and career opportunities. 

Our staff is dedicated to helping students achieve their individual and collective educational goals. We enroll students quarterly, averaging 140 students. Through strategic graduation and post-secondary planning, New Meridian High School students access rigorous coursework through course offerings such as Advanced Placement Psychology, Advanced Placement Environmental Science, American Sign Language, Pathways to Teaching, Philosophy, and Physics, Sociology, and offerings through the Career Elevation and Technology Center, Front Range Community College, Metropolitan State University, and the Innovation Center. 

At New Meridian High School, we prioritize collaboration and nurturing student leadership skills. Our caring environment fosters a culture of empowerment, enabling students to realize their full potential.

Our Mission

New Meridian High School’s mission is to provide an inclusive and transformative educational experience that supports and empowers students to navigate their unique journey in an ever-changing world.

School Leadership Team

New Meridian High School