Teen Parenting Program

The Teen Parenting Program (TPP) has been a part of SVVSD for over 25 years. The TPP is a career and technical education program that is designed to 1) teach young parents the skills necessary to successfully parent a child and 2) to provide an on-site nursery so that parents can visit and feed their young child through the school day.

Any SVVSD parent can take the teen parent class that is offered at CDC. This class can be started during pregnancy or after the baby is born. To complete this program, students should take 2 semesters of the teen parenting class.

Students interested in using the on-site nursery must apply and be enrolled in New Meridian High School. Students using the nursery must also take two semesters of the teen parenting class at CDC. Since the nursery can keep babies up to 18 months, some students may continue to use the nursery after they have completed the class.

New Meridian High School